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Start with 10 min of deep meditation every day. Focus on what you really want in life and don’t compromise on it.

I meditate every morning before anyone else in my family is up. My wake up call is 5am. The perfect time to get up and get motivated. First I drink a small bottle of water to make sure my body is hydrated before concentrating on manifesting the things I want to see in my life.

I dedicate around 20 minutes this this process and I’m very strict on what I think about not allowing any negative thoughts to come to my mind. Once I’ve completed my desires I get up, Shower and get moving.

Since doing this regime I have created an incredible life for myself and my family. Everything I want seems to show up. Some desires take longer than others, but they keep appearing. Let me give you an example. Around two months ago, I had a Sunday to myself, as my wife had taken to twins to a birthday party. Usually Sunday’s are my Columbo days and I can binge watch four eps before falling asleep on the couch. Instead I used the opportunity to manifest around 60 min. I was vibrating like crazy and smiling so much, I didn’t want it to stop. I basically told the infinite intelligence, I was ready for the abundance of work and opportunities that were coming to me.

2 hours later, and after 14 months of no work, my mobile rang and a previous contact I had worked with a few years prior, asked if I would be available for 27 shows for myself and my company.


Ok, me too!!! so I thought I would try it again, and this time at work. I sat on my office chair and closed my eyes. I meditated for 30 min about travelling the world again but rather than seeing numerous places I focused on one. I walked around like I was really there, I could hear the waves crashing and the birds singing. 3 days later, I got a call to perform in the place I was thinking about.

There’s one thing you must NEVER forget. When you see your manifestations come true, take a moment to thank the Infinite intelligence for the gift. The more gratitude you give the more abundance you shall receive.

I wish for each and everyone of you to receive all the desires you wish for. If it works for me, it works for all.

Stay Strong - Stay Blessed - Stay Amazing

Kev Orkian.

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