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'1915' The year the Ottomans tried to wipe the Armenians off the planet!

My great grandparents along with 1.5 Million Armenian's were innocent victims of the 1915 #genocide carried out by the ottoman turks in 1915.

The story my mum told us about my great grandparents was so horrific, it haunted me for many years. What I found hard to comprehend was the systematic mass murders and ethnic cleansing that was bestowed upon my people for absolutely no reason at all, except to wipe Armenians from the planet.

Every year on the 24th April we remember those who have fallen. All over the world Diaspora Armenians come together to light candles and pray for the tragedies that were forced upon so many innocent victims. The #annihilation of #1.5 million #Armenians spared no one, including children & expectant mothers. It was truly a very dark time for #humanity, and one that continues today through the hate the Armenians still endure from #Turkey and #Azerbajian.

Only 8 months ago, 5000 Armenians were killed trying to protect their lands from Azeri domination. Even today we have POWs held illegally by Azeri's with no sign of being released and yet not one media outlet is even talking about it.

In my opinion, genocide, massacre, annihilation, holocaust, ethnic cleansing are all words that are very much alive. Until Turkey accepts the Armenian Genocide ( which in my humble opinion will never happen) I can categorically confirm genocides like the 1915 atrocities will continue for generations to come.

Today I remember my people, my race, my home, and the lands that used to be called Armenia.

How can we create a better future, if we cant learn from our past?

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