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We all have an ego, which controls how we react to someone’s words, actions and reactions. It’s how we come to terms within ourselves that ultimately controls what we allow on the outside to determine how we feel on the inside. I struggled for many years to let go of many horrible things that had gone on in my life, experiences that had ingrained themselves in my mind which were constantly appearing when I felt fear or anger towards a situation that was happening to me. What I hadn’t realised at the time was how incredibly negative this was on my body and my mind. What I had subconsciously done was allowed my past to dictate my future which to be honest is no way to live or even experience better things in your life.


I was 32 when I finally decided things had to change. I made a conscious effort to stop feeling negative about certain relationships and friendships I had experienced during my teens and in my 20s. I sat down and made a list of all the people that had hurt me, and why it had made such an impact on my life. The list wasn’t to big thank god, but big enough to have crushed me for so many years.

What I did ultimately changed my life. Once the list was finished, I looked back on all the memories these people had created for me, and I thanked them for making me who I am today. The life lessons they had willingly and unknowingly given me, in helping me to find the person I wanted to be.

See, I really believe in times of adversity you are given opportunities to grow and to learn and that’s why I was able to let go of all that had happened to me.

I went one step further with my list. I ended each story with forgiveness and gratitude for being part of my life. I wished them nothing but happiness and success in what ever they were doing with their lives. FORGIVENESS was the KEY to my freedom and ultimately my success.

Now days I control what I allow into my circle. It’s very rare if something really frustrates me but the fact remains, we are all human and we all have emotions, so don’t be to hard on yourselves. Just accept your hurt, allow it to take a small moment of your time and then let it go. By doing this you don’t allow negative emotions to manifest and you free yourself from the prison you build for your mind.

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