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Easing Mental Health Through Pantomime Workshops

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Children have been the silent sufferers of the pandemic, yet they have equally struggled.

Everyone is talking about the rise of #MentalHealth in children and how it's affecting them in so many different ways. I have first hand evidence of this with my twin boys, who struggled during Lockdown missing there friends, not being allowed out and repeating the same day over and over. We even experienced on more than one occasion, the boys crying randomly for no reason, when we asked them why they were upset, they're answer was "I don't know daddy". As a frontline advocate for nurturing young minds and stimulating positive thinking, I was adamant more had to be done to protect children's mental health.

In May of 2020 I decided to take our physical workshops online due to the pandemic. This opened up so many opportunities for the students but also income for the tutors who were still waiting to get back into the Entertainment industry, basically a win win for all parties.

Students would be getting 1-2-1 mentoring whilst interacting with seasoned Pantomime professionals. The core workshops have been a massive success, attracting amateurs and professionals to gain much more knowledge of the pantomime industry.

Every month we are adding new subjects to our forum, whilst presenting brand new professionals and celebrities to share their experiences and knowledge.

#BritishPantomimeAcademy has become a life line for many students wanting to connect with other like minded students. The education hub is open to 8 to 88 year olds, who have an interest in the performing arts. We have already confirmed 5 of our students into professional pantomimes this christmas, thanks to our BPA casting team.

If you know of someone that would benefit from joining our platform, then visit our website to book your next session with us.

Don't miss out on our BPA Talks with #hayleytamaddon on the 4th May 2021

Kev Orkian

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