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Big Goals for British Pantomime Academy

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Founder Kev Orkian creates the world's first British Pantomime Academy!

In 2019 British Pantomime Academy founder Kev Orkian launched the worlds first Panto Academy.

Students signed up to learn what it takes to be a professional in the UK's longest running theatrical genre. The 1 week bootcamp was a massive success with 85% of students securing professional #pantomimes in their first year.

"Workshops designed to bring professional tutors and students together in a friendly, fun and safe environment".

Due to the #lockdown restrictions, we had to rethink our whole approach and how we were going to reach students around the UK. It was obvious, create a platform to bring the students and experts together in one room without having to leave their home.

#britishpantomimeacademy 'online' was born in March 2020 and since its birth we have reached numerous students and employed professional tutors to carry out the workshops.

We are now offering a FREE #introductoryworkshop for all students who would like to enquire about what we have on offer and how they can benefit from our workshops.

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