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My 5am Morning Routine!

Its 5am and I'm buzzing to start my day. This is my most sacred time, when I manifest the life I want to live without being interrupted.

When I first read about the #MiracleMorning by #HalElrod, I thought 'this is mad why would anyone wake up at 5am in the morning when you could sleep for an extra 2 hours'. Then I finished the book and I was hooked, this was the push I was waiting for.

Everything I manifest in my life, I have created in my mind! My morning routine is very important to me, and I've made it my habit to tap into the #infiniteintelligence as much as possible.

I spend a few minutes emptying my mind of all negativity and create the life I want to live. This was difficult to start with as my mind was always thinking about what the day would hold and how I was going to cope. Once I learned to keep my focus on exactly what I wanted to see, then the vision became much easier to manifest.

After a few seconds my body goes into a vibration that feels very similar to butterflies in my stomach, this is when I know I'm ready to start my journey.

Clear your mind to see your future.

No Dream Is To Big.

Everyone's dream is as unique as their finger print. To create your perfect life you need to spend more than 17 seconds #estherhicks manifesting your desires. This can actually be harder than you think, so take one step at a time and make sure you focus on one dream for as long as you can...after a few days your mind will automatically help you achieve better results. Repeat this process every morning and the last 5 minutes before you sleep.

Now sit back and watch your dreams come to life.

Stay Strong, Stay Blessed, Stay Amazing.

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