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They Bullied Me, Stabbed Me and Shot Me In The Back, But I Never Gave In To Them.

The true story of my 7 year school bullying battle, my parents had no idea I was going through.

Bullying is a serious issue that affects so many people. I was one of those people. Don't get me wrong, my time in school was amazing and I made many friends, but the bullies were there, and I don't think one day passed in 7 years that I wasn't hurt or threatened. I always questioned myself why I was the one everyone picked on, but I never really found out. Perhaps I was an easy target or I was to weak to stand up for myself. I got abused for being Armenian and being short, I also spent many a school break hiding from my bullies just to avoid another bloody shirt or stolen money. To be honest I got really good at hiding, which led to many quite moments on my own, thanking the hide-n-seek gods that I had escaped another beating.....but for how long?

Having gone through a diabolical time in school, I never gave up on myself. I didn't allow the bullies to control my inner thoughts, I was to strong for that, but the outside was always there to hurt me, no matter how positive I felt inside. Having dyslexia and ADD which was diagnosed many years after I left school, didn't help my situation. My teachers had pretty much given up on me and parents were none the wiser.

My report book always read "Kev's a very enthusiastic individual with bundles of energy. His attention span needs work and he must learn to stop joking around, he is distracting other pupils in his class" This was pretty much the same script every single year.

Telling Jokes distracted the bullies from hurting me!

I began to use Comedy and joke telling as a way to protect myself. Bullies would chase me up and down the corridors, but as soon as they caught up with me, I would turn the charm on and tell them the latest gag I'd learned, as way to bargain out of being punched or kicked. Sometimes it worked and other times it didn't, but my knowledge for telling funny jokes scaled rapidly and students would always be asking me to make them laugh.

I have a passion to empower all students with my story and unite them with a common goal to change the world we live in. I have travelled the globe inspiring students to embrace positivity through music and find the inner power to Stay Strong, Stay Blessed and Stay Amazing.

I would love to visit your school, and I'm ready to inspire.

Kev Orkian

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