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How I reversed my Blood Sugars

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

My doctor told me I had to be on tablets for the rest of my life, I had other ideas!

Welcome to my #Keto blog post. I'm excited to be sharing my journey with you all. Learn how I went from a blood sugar count of '22' down to '5.2' in 8 weeks. How I lost a stone in weight, whilst on the Keto diet and what recipes I created for a healthier lifestyle.

Are you fed up from always feeling tired? eating the wrong things? never loosing weight? giving in to your unhealthy desires? feeling like you failed again? Welcome to my world before Keto.

I was diagnosed with #Type2Diabetes in June 2019, which wasn't a surprise to me, living the lifestyle I was living. I promised the Dr I would start to get fitter, but like all diets that was short lived. Every day I was consuming more carbs and sugar than my body needed. An average day I would eat close to 4000 calories which usually looked like this.

Morning Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast with Marmite or jam, Machine coffee with perhaps a croissant or chocolate brioche.

Before I got to the office, a Costa hot chocolate with cinnamon.

Lunch: KFC / Fish & Chips or Kebab depending on my weakness.

Dinner: Take away twice a week. (Indian, Chinese, Pizza or something home made that was full of carbs.

Snacks during the day included, two packets of crisps, bar of chocolate, a few biscuits with coffee or tea, and a glass or two of red wine.

I was heading for a health crash!

During #covidlockdown, my wife broke her ankle in three places, which spun the entire family into a frenzy. I was now responsible for EVERYTHING! this included twin 6 year olds and my mother-in-law. unknowingly I was heading for a serious health crash due to the easy cooking habits I turned to, to make my life simple. Heating up chips, burgers, fish fingers, ready meals, and anything that could be thrown in the microwave was the way forward I thought (I was wrong).

Something had to change...'ME'!!!

My Dr asked me to have a blood test and send in my urine sample 16 months after I was diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes. A few days later he called to say he was seriously concerned about my health, my bloods were now reading 22 and my cholesterol was through the roof, I was heading for a serious health crash and would have to start taking tablets for the rest of my life. It was time to make a decision to change my eating habits forever. That was the Friday...

(Just decide)

On Sunday morning (Jan 31st 2021) I woke up with a mission and I haven't looked back since. Everyday the challenges get easier, I didn't realise how simple it was to eat healthy and change a few ingredients to turn my life around.

I take one day at a time, and plan my meals 7 days in advanced...

Im super excited to be sharing my journey with you and the meals I'm cooking to loose insane amounts of weight plus bringing my #bloodsugars way down.

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