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The Ultimate Keto Breakfast

I've been on the #Keto lifestyle now for 10 weeks and my energy has never been this good. My weight is the lowest it has been in 30 years, and my blood sugars are steadily going down!!!

I have been so excited about sharing my story on how I changed my life around in such a short space of time. The key to my success is simple...I made a decision and stuck to it!

I have lost so much weight without even stepping into a gym. My energy has sky-rocketed and I feel like a new man.

The best bit about my new lifestyle is the recipes I have discovered without having to use any white carbs, sugary deserts or bread.

I made a decision and stuck to it!

The attached image is one of my regular concoctions I love to put together at least once a week. It's full of goodness, tastes divine and literally 0 carbs, this is an absolute winner for anyone wanting a Keto Lifestyle.

I love colour on a plate. Anyone who has followed my past blogs will know, most of my recipes are bombarded with beautiful colours that lift any recipe, but I'm also a massive advocate for marinating dishes with good oils and herbs. The picture above has 7 colours, all of which are great for the body but also healthy for your heart and blood sugar.

My advice for eating healthier, take each day as it comes, don't plan to far in advanced and definitely don't panic about what to cook. Try the breakfast above and if you need help to boil and egg, then heat your water on the stove till it starts bubbling, add fresh eggs into the pan and time it for 6 minutes, this will give you the medium, slightly soft inside. Anything less than 5 minutes will be runny, and anything over 7 minutes will be hard. Your preference.

Keep Going.

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