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My Keto Journey success story!

Every week I loose more weight, gain more energy and lower my blood sugars!

I keep hearing the same old excuses for people who want to do the #ketolifestyle but never actually start! things like...

What do I eat?

I love chips!

Can I not eat bread anymore?

How can anyone sustain this way of eating forever?

I love cake!

All the above comments are actual friends of mine who all want to loose weight, but struggle to even get started because they put to many hurdles before they actually do it.

I'm here to tell you, you can do it and you can do it now.

Just F***ing start!


If you think I'm some kind of Keto guru then your totally wrong. I haven't even read a book on how to start or be on Keto. What I have done is read a few blogs on Google and made my own assumptions. One thing I did pick up and have stuck to it like super glue is the use of oils. I now only buy Extra Virgin Oil, Coconut Oil & Macadamia Oil. These three oils have changed my life beyond words...I use no other oils when cooking or marinating my recipes.

The 3 dishes I have shared are all less than 20 minutes to make and taste divine. I love being creative in the kitchen, and I was always challenge myself to out do a restaurant I have been to, and make the dish look and taste better than what I paid for. Some I win, some I loose, but the fact remains I never give up.

The facts speak for themselves. My bloods are down to 4.7, my cholesterol is gone and my weight is the lowest its been in 30 years. If I can do it, so can you!

I'm going to share some recipes over the next few weeks that will give you insight into my journey and how I started to change my life. If you're interested in turning your life around, sign up to my newsletter for regular updates (COMING SOON)

Kev Orkian

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