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#KevsKitchen21 Dinner Time!

Simple ideas that create the biggest impact. Try these #KetoFriendly meals which take 10 minutes to make and taste divine.

I love cooking healthy, Keto Friendly and restaurant quality dishes that only take 10 minutes to prepare...As you can see from the images above I'm not a vegetarian but I eat a shed loads of vegetables. I love colour on a plate and the above pictures are all my own recipes. Each dish has helped bring my blood sugar down to 4.8, my cholesterol to zero and my weight to the lowest its been in 30 years.

I have never trained to be a chef, but being creative is something that comes naturally to me.

I encourage everyone who wants to eat more healthy, loose weight, and try to reverse their type 2 diabetes, do what I'm doing...It Works!!!

Take one day at a time!

My goal is to reverse my Type 2 diabetes by June. To be honest I didn't start off with that goal, my original reason for going on the Keto lifestyle was to reduce my blood sugars, which were 22 at the time I started my journey. Since then I have reduced them down to a whopping 4.8 in 9 weeks. Now I've set myself a new challenge to bring them down even further to reverse the Type 2 Diabetes completely. I will make it, why? because I'm not going to fail myself!

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