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My Keto Breakfast!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Since starting on the Keto lifestyle back in Jan 2021, I have lost a stone in weight and have brought my blood sugars down from 22 to 5.2, simply by adopting a healthier eating habit.

Welcome to my weekly Keto journey blog post. Since starting my new lifestyle people have been asking me what dishes I'm creating to bring my weight down. I have to be truthful I haven't read one thing on the subject. I've bought three different Keto books and never looked beyond the cover. I know eating white carbs, drinking alcohol, and consuming large amounts of sugary food is not the way forward, so adopting a more logical approach to eating, was my focus. The picture above is one of 40 breakfast dishes I make for myself using fresh fruit and vegetables. I love eggs and avocado's, which are both welcome on the Keto diet, so for me its about creating a delicious plate full of colours with a few herbs and spices.


The featured breakfast is a healthy concoction of fruit and veg with eggs. There's no point writing the recipe down as the picture is clear enough unless you want to learn the secret timing for the perfect boiled egg? Ok i'll give it to you 5 min 25 seconds...

Most of my breakfasts take no longer than 5 min to prepare and 10 minutes to eat so for those of you on the go, its the perfect partner to your day.

If I can share my story and encourage you to eat healthier then I'm full filling my passion to see everyone live a better lifestyle.

Kev Orkian X

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