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Be Creative with Dinner!

When I'm in my kitchen, I'm the MasterChef !

The three images are all my own concoctions, and I promise you I never used a cook book to come up with these delicious recipes. Each dish took less than 10 minutes to prepare, yet the taste was restaurant quality. I'm not a trained chef, nor have a ever studied to be one, but my mum is an awesome cook, so watching her experiment with different ingredients was a massive learning curve for me.

The best part about the dishes I prepare, are that they are all #Keto friendly and seriously low in carbs. I have embraced cooking as part of my life and find myself creating different ideas every day.

The best part is, all the dishes are Keto friendly.

If you're wondering what to make for dinner that doesn't take to long to prepare, then try one of the dishes above...The secret is in the marinade and herbs. Most salad leaves can be quite bland unless you chop up a few other vegetables which give it colour and taste, but the secret is always in the exact amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Pepper, & half a squeezed Lemon. I promise you, it does something to every salad I prepare, making an OK salad into a OMG Salad.

Two herbs I would highly recommend for most salads, are Paprika & Sumak. These herbs alone make your taste buds go wild. Sumak in my opinion is much more exciting and when added to cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, red peppers and avocado, it takes the salad to a whole new level.


Choose a few ingredients and start small, if you don't like what you made, then try something else, but don't give up. I promise you, at some point you will stumble upon a dish that will make you smile...keep going, keep creating, keep eating healthy.

#chefathome Kev Orkian X

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