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Enjoy your Morning Breakfast - The Keto Way!

Your breakfast doesn't have to be boring! Add fruit to your creations and lift the taste to a whole new level.

Every Morning I think of something new to add to my breakfast plate thats not only delicious but also Keto friendly....This morning I added Blueberries to my Omelette, Avocado & Sausages. Honestly it was amazing...not only does the fruity taste compliment the rest of the plate, but its so damn healthy too.


If you're worried about what to eat that doesn't involve 'BREAD' then start getting creative.

There are so many delicious dishes you can prepare without having to worry about eating heavy carbs. In general, the daily intake of net carbs required to enter into ketosis could vary from 20g to 100g per day. I reached my Ketosis state consuming only 22g of carbs a day. I am still on 22g, and have lost 14lbs of weight in 8 weeks.

If I can share one tip I do on Keto, drink plenty of WATER!!! The more the better...


Half an Avocado chopped

2 Sausages

1 X Cup of Blueberries

3 X Eggs Omelette

Keep yourself hydrated!

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