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My Keto journey has been super exciting with #homemade dishes like Stuffed Mushrooms

I admit I love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients for staying on a healthy Keto lifestyle. My secret to being creative is not to worry about what to make, just make it.

The above image is one of my favourites. Stuffed mushrooms with Camembert, Coriander, Sun Blushed Tomatoes, Garlic, Pepper and ExtraVirgin Olive Oil.

I'm not a trained chef, I'm just creative!

The exciting thing is the above image is only 2.6g of carbs! I'm not joking it genuinely tastes divine. The ingredients really compliment each other and the sun-blushed tomatoes really do lift the camembert and coriander.

This is the perfect recipe for those of you wanting to stick to the Keto lifestyle but don't want to spend hours cooking.


1 Large Mushroom

Camembert Cheese


Sun-blushed Tomatoes

1 Chopped Clove of Garlic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray


20 minutes in the oven, gas mark 6 - 200C


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